How to keep your pool cleaner

The best way to keep your swimming pool cleaner is to attack the problem from as many different angles as possible, without making more work for you!

There are several ways you can fight this

battle and keep your pool cleaner!

Pool filter – Skimmer box

This is typically a sand filtration system that is driven by the main pool pump. It circulates the pool water through basic in – pool filter and collection point or skimmer box, and then through the out – of – pool filtration system, before being pumped back into the pool, in a fresh clean state.


Pool Cleaner Vacuum

This process can either be done manually (strongly advise against this approach!) or automatically with a pool vacuum cleaner (yes!). The idea here is to pick up all of the loose debris such as leaves and sand that have found their way into the pool, and can be scooped up off the bottom of the pool, and removed as efficiently as possible.


Pool Cleaner Scrubber

At the same time as pool vacuuming, there is a need to scrub the sides and floor of the pool. Vacuuming by itself is not enough, as algae, stains and accumulation of debris have to be physically scrubbed from the walls of the pool, before they become a permanent fixture on the wall of the pool.


Chemical Pool Cleaner

It is vital for most backyard pools to maintain a set chlorine level in order to prevent the growth of algae and other water borne wildlife. This is usually achieved via the direct application of chlorine into the water, on an as required basis, or through the electrolysis of salt in the case of a salt water pool.  Once the required level of chlorine has been achieved, there should be minimal need for excessive application of chemical additives.  There are all sorts of chemicals that are promoted to keep pools cleaner, such as algaecide to prevent algal growth, clarifier to enhance water clarity, acid to balance the pH level, and even sunscreen to prevent sun burn, and a host of other chemical additives.  Whilst it is acknowledged that some of these chemicals are vital to keep the water clean, it is not necessary to use chemicals in an attempt to keep the pool water clean – that is the task of the pool cleaner.


Waterline Pool Cleaner

In a similar way that stuff seems to grow on the side of any pool, the waterline seems to attract all sorts of debris that can be a little stubborn to remove. Some pool cleaners suggest that different chemicals are best for the job, but in our experience, there is nothing better than a good waterline scrubber to ensure the waterline stays clean and looks good.


Paul the pool cleaner

Paul the Pool Cleaner – Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to get a professional in to check out the condition of your pool, including a health check over the pool cleaner equipment. A professional pool cleaner can check the pump pressures, assess the operation of the pool filter, test the chemical composition of the water, and determine if there is any preventative maintenance that needs to be conducted.  This is not necessarily a once per week proposition, but just something to keep in mind throughout the peak swimming season.


So what is the best way to keep your pool cleaner?

Of all of these pool cleaning systems, there are not as many options as it at first appears.  All swimming pools require a fixed pool pump and pool filter, which are the primary pool cleaning systems.  These need to be kept operating in tip top condition, as the pool water may visibly degrade in clarity and color, if the pool cleaning system does not operate correctly on a daily basis.

With a salt water pool system, the chlorinator system also depends on regular pumping of pool water to maintain the electrolysis process which maintains a healthy level of chlorine in the water.  You also need to ensure that the pool filtration system is regularly flushed out (this is called backwashing), to prevent blockage and build up of debris.

Chemical composition

Whilst it is vital to maintain the correct chemical balance in your pool, we do not generally advise that you go looking for chemical additives to kill off unwanted organisms.  There is always the concern that poisonous chemicals may have a harmful impact on the human occupants of the pool, which is not desirable!


It all comes down to the choice of Pool Cleaner

Do it Yourself?

Most of the other functions listed above all come down to the type of pool cleaner that you select, and here is where you need to select a pool that suits your situation the best.  For example, are you committed to vacuuming the bottom of the pool manually, as well as clearing out the filter and other debris on a daily basis?


1. Vacuum suction pool cleaner

There are better ways to keep your pool cleaner, rather than doing it all yourself.   The first and most common option is to use a vacuum suction pool cleaner.  Before you run out to buy one, you need to make sure there is enough pool pump pressure to run a suction pump pool cleaner.  If so, you may be interested to investigate what are the best pool cleaners.


Polaris Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

best pool cleanerAn excellent choice of vacuum suction cleaner is the Barracuda G3 by Polaris.  This great all round pool cleaner will work effectively no matter how much suction pressure is coming out of your pump and pool filter.  It will randomly work its way around the entire underwater surface of your pool, and effectively removes all debris, algae and discoloration.  The distinctive spiky cleaning head is very effective at scrubbing all pool surfaces, but is gently enough so as to no scratch or damage your pool liner.


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Kreepy Krauly – old favorite best pool cleaner

best pool cleanerA very affordable pool cleaner, the old favorite Kreepy Krauly is still the go to option for the best pool cleaner.  The Kreepy Krauly works better with high suction pressures, which can be a problem when the pool filter is under pressure, or when air is sucked through the filter hoses, which reduces the suction pressure.  A useful feature of the Kreepy Krauly is the ability to use the pool cleaner in manual pool vacuum mode, which is handy to scoop up any stubborn debris from the bottom of the pool.



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Hayward Aqua Critter Pool Cleaner

Hayward best pool cleaner

Hayward pool cleaners have a long tradition as manufacturers of the best pool cleaners.  The Hayward Aqua Critter Pool Cleaner is a vacuum poll cleaner with the cleaner head with two or four wheels configurations for easier pool cleaning.  The Hayward Aqua Critter Pool Cleaner is attached directly to the pool filter pump, and is powered by any suction pressure and will never stop pool cleaning.  So the benefit of the Hayward pool cleaner is that no additional plumbing is required, nor extra pumps or motors, and this efficient wheeled pool cleaner will work over every underwater pool surface with no trouble.



Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner

best pool cleanerIf you need a little extra pool cleaning horsepower to keep your pool clean, then the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner is made for the job.  Please note, that it does require an additional high pressure water pump to work properly.  From the reviews we have read, the Vac-Sweep 280  will not operate efficiently unless you have a dedicated high pressure suction pump.  The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pool Cleaner can be used all day for powerful and effective pool cleaning, for when you need a high capacity pool cleaner.


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2. Robotic pool cleaner systems

Do you want to run a robotic pool cleaner that can be automated to remotely clean all surfaces of your pool.  The top of the range solution for pool cleaners is to use a robotic pool cleaner, which offer many benefits over some of the older vacuum systems.  If you find that your old vacuum suction pool cleaner stops working after a while, the problem can be due to reduced pool pump pressure.  This can be caused by a range of issues, such as inadequate pump size, debris clogging the filter basket, or too much build up in the sand filter.  If you simply do not have adequate pump pressure, then instead of trying to upgrade the pump, you can elect to use a robotic pool cleaner.

A robotic pool cleaning system is generally powered by an independent electrical supply, which does not rely on the pool pump pressure.  This can be a big advantage, as you are effectively releasing the pool pump to run the filter more efficiently without draining the pump pressure through the vacuum pool cleaner.


A robotic pool cleaner is fully self contained

A robotic pool cleaner has its own water filter and pump system, as well as traction system to crawl around, as well as scrubbing system to clean the bottom and sides of the pool as it moves around.  The filtration systems are excellent at keeping the pool water clean and crystal clear, with very fine mesh and filtration systems.  When the robot pool cleaner has completed its daily chore, you will have to remove the pool cleaner filter and empty each day, so there is always some level of maintenance to look after.

Some of these robotic pool cleaning systems even boast an on board memory system which develops a memory of the shape of your pool, so that it can be more efficient at keeping the pool clean.  This means that a robotic pool cleaning system will navigate itself around the whole underwater surface of the pool, rather than simply randomly crawling its way around.  The robot crawler will ensure that each side wall is completely scrubbed and vacuumed, with a little extra attention at the waterline.  Even the steps area will be clean as a whistle, around the ladder, and even into the shallow spots such as the kids play areas and the “wallow”.

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus is an excellent choice for the best pool cleaner, because it does not rely on your existing pump suction pressure, and will run at maximum efficiency no matter what pressure your pool filter and pump are at.  It does need to be plugged in to an independent power supply, but it has been designed with a swivelled power cord to reduce the possibility of tangling.  Better still, the Dolphin Nautilus performs a memory scan of your entire pool, side walls, and waterline so that it can perform the best pool cleaner service.  The Dolphin Nautilus and all robotic pool cleaners can cost a little more up front, but can be more efficient in the long term and provide the best pool cleaner action.


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Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner

best pool cleaner

Yet another choice for the best pool cleaner is the Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaning system.  This robotic pool cleaner is designed to clean, vacuum and scrub all surfaces of your pool, including the troublesome waterline area.  The Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner utilizes a smart design with a computer controlled scanning system that calculates the most efficient way to clean each and every surface, and to exceed your expectations of the best pool cleaner.

The Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner comes with everything it needs built in to be the best pool cleaner.  No need for additional suction pumps, or pool filters, the Aquabot robotic cleaner has its own on board high pressure pump, and water filter to provide the very best pool clean.  Most users of robotic pool cleaners say that they have never seen their pool in better condition, and also relate they can save money on time to run the main pool filter, and it much reduced need for backwashing the filter, and hence saved a lot of money over the course of the swimming season.


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3. Pool Filter and Pool Skimmer

best pool cleanerAll pools are installed with the traditional pool pump, pool filter, and these are generally pumped through a skimmer box, where all the leaves and debris accumulate.  Whilst this is often seen as the primary pool cleaning filter, the truth is they will not do the job adequately unless you install an additional pool cleaner.  So unless you want to do all the work yourself – please check out some of the reviews that we have provided above to make your life easier!


4. Paul the pool man pool cleaner?

best pool cleanerAn automatic pool cleaner is by far the best way to keep your pool clean, including the floor and side walls of the pool, as well as the waterline, which always needs a little extra scrubbing to prevent dirt build up and discoloration.  We always recommend that you have a backup inspection from Paul the pool cleaner just to make sure that everything is working properly, but the best way to make sure your pool is clean and crystal clear, is to maintain a daily pumping, filtering and pool cleaning system.


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