Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS robotic pool cleaner - best pool cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the upmarket version of the basic Nautilus model.  The Dolphin Nautilus has long been a favourite choice for best robotic pool cleaner, and now it has been upgraded with even better features.  The most obvious additional feature is the latest technology “Clever Clean” which includes a larger capacity filter which is guaranteed to clean the smallest particles as well as the larger debris from the bottom of the pool.


The Nautilus has its own filtration system

The Nautilus PLUS CleverClean consists of that latest filtration technology, which has been specially designed into the top of the robot pool cleaner body.  The filter consists of two stages, to filter out the larger debris, and the second stage to remove the finer particulate matter, which adds the sparkling touch to the pool water quality.  Better still, the filter is easily accessed from the top of the pool cleaner which means you can easily access the filter cartridges which makes pool cleaning as simple as possible.

Vacuums, pumps and scrubs the pool clean

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean Best Pool Cleaner

The Nautilus PLUS comes with a new and improved PVC bristle scrubber which performs a thorough pool clean over every possible surface, and at the same time, enables the robotic pool cleaner to clime the pool walls, and to allow sufficient time at the waterline to make sure the whole pool is cleaned effectively and thoroughly.

Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean can scan your pool

The Nautilus Plus with CleverClean technology is high tech device with on board software that can actually perform a scan of the underwater features of the geometry of your individual swimming pool.  This makes sure that you get the best pool cleaning system, regardless of how large or small the swimming pool.  Just like a robotic carpet cleaner with a memory, the Nautilus Dolphin PLUS will navigate itself around the flor, walls and waterline of the pool to clean, vacuum and scrub every single surface.  Once the Nautilus has learnt the geometry of your swimming pool, it will decide on the most efficient way to keep the pool clean and crystal clear.

Independent pool cleaning system

The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS is a clever cleaning system that does not place an extra burden on the main pool pump and filter.  Because the robotic pool cleaner does most of the pool cleaning work, you will come to realise big energy savings, because you won’t need to run the pool filtration system as much.  Better still you won’t have to backwash the sand filter either, so there is a potential saving of water bills and pool chemicals also!


The latest features of the Dolphin Nautilus PLUS:

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS robotic pool cleaner - best pool cleaner

Weekly timer function

The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS allows the timer to be set for whatever pool cleaning settings you need through the week, and will memorise the length of pool cleaning time, as well the which days to run the pool cleaning cycle.  You have full control over the system, and when the Nautilus PLUS does all the hard work, you may find that pool cleaning time can be reduced to the most energy efficient settings, and the pool will be cleaner than you ever had it before!

Swivel cord

One of the issues with robotic cleaners is the possibility of getting the cord in a tangle when you are not at home, or when you are not watching closely enough.  The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS overcomes this problem with an innovative swivel cord attachment which reduces the twist in the cable, which therefore reduces the likelihood that the whole cable will get wrapped around the machine.

Larger pool cleaning capacity

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean best robotic pool cleaner

The upgraded model Dolphin Nautilus has been designed to handle the larger sized domestic pools, and can even provide a professional pool cleaning service to commercial sized pools.  The manufacturer claims the Nautilus PLUS can handle any pool up to 50 feet in length, which means you get a lot of pool cleaning capability for an affordable price tag.

Improved water circulation

The Dolphin Nautilus operates a high pressure pool pump and filtration system, which is generally much higher capacity than the average pool filter system that is installed in domestic swimming pools.  This high pressure filtration system greatly improves the water circulation in the swimming pool, which can effectively distribute the pool chemicals more evenly, and keep the water quality to the highest standard.

Double action swimming pool cleaner

With the double action of improved pool filtration system and high pressure water circulation, the Nautilus Dolphin PLUS offers you the benefit of a cleaner and clearer swimming pool in no time.  The Nautilus will actually save you money. Save you time, and increase your relaxation and fun time to spend in the swimming pool, instead of working around it.

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