Variable Speed Pool Pump

variable speed pool pump

Why should you buy a Variable Speed Pool Pump?

What is the benefit of a variable speed pool pump?  It all comes down to the matter of power and energy.  A variable speed pool pump can save you money because it is a much more energy efficient way to operate a swimming pool pump.

Variable Speed Pool Pump Before you buy a variable speed pool pump

You just need to make sure that you can achieve the energy savings that you want from a variable speed pool pump.  For example, if you need maximum filtering power during periods of high usage of the swimming pool, then it is nice to know that you have the power available.  If you intend to run a spa bath with high pressure jets, then you might also need the extra power.  But the thing is that you might not need that extra horsepower all the time, and this is where the potential savings come from when you choose to buy a variable speed pool pump.  At normal running speed, a variable speed pool pump can be wound right back to energy saving mode, which also saves you a lot of money.

Variable speed pool pump for extra power when you need it

It is true that during the times of peak usage, your pool pump and pool filter have to work a little harder to keep the water pristine and clear.  Like when you need to vacuum the fallen leaves from the bottom of the pool.  There are also times when you need to mix a little extra chemical into the water, and you need to pump the water around to mix it quickly.  Or when you are doing a backwash of the filter, and it needs a little extra power to really give a deep flush through the water filter.  So there are many times when it comes in very handy to have extra power available from your swimming pool pump. The benefit of a variable speed pool pump is that can easily and simply dial up some extra pumping power when you need it most.  But during normal pool filter operations, you don’t need the same power, and you can save energy and save costs.

Before you buy a variable speed pool pump – You need to consider the cost of running a pool pump all year round

Most pool owners forget to take into account the costs of running the pool pump in the winter season.  Sure the filtering requirements are much lower in the off season, but there is still some need for the pool pump, to keep the chlorine levels right.   The benefit of a variable speed pool pump is that the power can be significantly cut back in the winter, so that the speed is much lower, and the cost is much lower.  After all you don’t want to have to pay too much to clean the pool if you can’t even use it!

What is the difference between a single speed pool pump and a variable speed pool pump?

The basic cost of a swimming pool pump is driven by the technology contained inside the pool pump.  For example, at the lower end of the market, you will probably find a basic single speed pool pump between 1 and 2 horsepower.  Whenever the pool pump is running, it simply runs at a single speed no matter what the need for water pressure or water flow rate.  There are also 2 speed pool pumps on the market, which let you switch between low and high power.  This is handy for when you need to use the pool pump for high pressure jobs like backwashing and vacuuming leaves.  But a 2 speed pump allows you to save energy when you want to resume normal pool filtering mode, and can use an energy saving power setting.

Pentair variable speed pool pump Variable speed pool pumps save you money in the long run

That is the main difference between a single speed pool pump and a variable speed pool pump.  Sure, it costs more to buy a variable speed pool pump, but there are savings when you compare the operating costs with a single speed pool pump.

How a Variable Speed Pump Can Save Energy and save Money

Generally speaking, the electric motor in an advanced variable speed pool pump is much more efficient than a cheaper single speed pool pump.  Offering permanent magnet motors, and enhanced flow design, the best variable speed pool pump has an immediate advantage over the others.  The variable speed pump motor allows the pump to run at a slower speed for normal operations, which means you save energy over the running time of the pump.  The benefit is that you can actually run the variable speed pool pump for loner and slower, which not only saves money, but provides a better and cleaner result for your swimming pool.  And that means everyone will enjoy swimming for longer, which is the whole idea of owning a pool, right?

Would you like a quiet pool pump?

Of course, everyone complains about the noise of a pool pump when it starts up, and when it makes that continuous droning sound.  Well, a variable speed pool pump is the answer to the problem!  A variable speed pool pump has a soft start feature which eliminates that horrible start up noise whenever the pool pump cuts in.  And even better, because a variable speed pool pump can adjust and reduce the running speed, it actually runs slower and much more quietly!  So that is the best way to buy a quiet pool pump!

So let’s look at a few of our selection of the best variable speed pool pump reviews:

Variable speed pool pump for small pools

1. Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Variable speed pool pump It is no surprise that a Hayward variable speed pool pump is at the top of our list of variable speed pump reviews.  The Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo is a streamlined pool pump which can deliver a high pumping rate, whilst running at a slow and steady speed.  However, with a 1.65 horsepower motor, it certainly has the power to handle all your pool pump requirements.

Low Speeds Mean Low Noise

The Hayward variable speed pool pump overcomes that awful noise from the old fashioned pool pumps.  You know that boot sound whenever the pool pump starts up?  Or that ongoing whine whenever the pool filter is running?  Well, with the Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo variable speed pool pump, the loud pump noise is no more!  The running speed of a variable speed pool pump is much lower, and reduces the noise output.  Instead of running at 3000 rpm, the latest technology pool pumps can cycle right down to below 1000 rpm or even lower, so there is much less noise.

Much Less Energy Requirement

The Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo variable speed pool pump can provide up to 80% reduction in energy usage.  Which converts directly into a huge savings on electricity and power bills.  This pool pump is ENERGY STAR certified which means it is compliant with the latest energy usage regulations.

What we like about the Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo pool pump

The Hayward SP2303VSP MaxFlo variable speed pool pump is available in 110 Volt and 230 Volt configurations.  It is easy to install, and can even be a one for one drop in replacement for your old single speed pool pump.

Why not buy a Hayward variable speed pool pump today, and start saving energy bills!


 2. Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool PumpVariable Speed Pool Pump

 The next pool pump on our list of variable speed pump reviews is the Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump.  With 1.5 horsepower, there is no shortage of suction, but you will save power bills.

The Pentair 342001 SuperFlo is most suitable for small pools up to medium sized pools, and is simple to use and easy to install.  Costing a little over $600, it is more expensive than the basic single speed pool pumps, but there is potential for much larger savings over the longer term.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps are more efficient

The Pentair 342001 SuperFlo comes in 110 volt as well as 230 volt configurations.  It is easy to install and can run directly from the domestic power supplies.  It comes with a 24 hour clock timer, with simple user interface that makes it easy to program and operate.  The are three operational power settings all of which are designed to minimize energy consumption and save you money.

Check out the Pentair 342001 SuperFlo variable speed pool pump at Amazon.


Variable speed pool pump for larger pools

 3. Hayward SP3206VSPVR 2.7 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump

For those who have a larger sized swimming pool, and want to save running costs, then the Hayward SP3206VSPVR variable-speed pool pump is the way to go!  It costs a little more up front, but there are definite saving over the long run.  This variable speed pool pump is a heavy duty performer, with a rated power output of 2.7 horsepower.  However, it is very efficient and has enough power to replace older style pumps up to 3 horsepower, with no trouble.

What we like about the Hayward SP3206VSPVR variable-speed pool pump

The Hayward variable speed pool pump comes with all the latest technology to help keep you and your family safe in the pool.  There is a built in safety vacuum release system to prevent the ingestion of large objects.  It also comes with a permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled motor, and there is an automatic shut off in case of overload.

The Hayward SP3206VSPVR is Easy To Install

The SuperFlo VS variable speed pool pump doesn’t require costly wiring.  It connects to a domestic power outlet, either 110 volt or 230 volt power. The simple wiring instructions and easy access compartment makes connection fast and simple.

Hayward SP3206VSPVR is Easy To Operate

The SuperFlo VS pump comes with an advanced control system with digital display.  There is also a 24 hour timer so that you have total control over the pump timings and operations.


Click here to see the price of the Hayward SP3206VSPVR variable speed pool pump at Amazon.


4. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pool PumpVariable Speed Pool Pump reviews

The single speed pool pump runs too fast, too noisy and cost too much in terms of energy.  The smarter way to go is to buy a variable speed pool pump such as the Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo variable-speed pump.  The Pentair 011018 is an intelligent option to the old fashioned pool pump, because it offers the correct pump speed, depending on which task you want to do.  There are 8 programmable speed settings, as well as a 24 hour timer for fully automatic operations.

The right speed for the job!

For example, if you want to do normal operations such as pumping and filtering, then you certainly don’t need to run at full speed.  Even lower than half speed is more appropriate.  When you need more power for backwashing, cleaning or flushing, then you can easily dial up more speed.

Lots of pumping power – 3 hp pool pump

The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo is a whopping 3 horsepower pool pump,which means that it can easily handle large pools.  It can even replace old style pool pumps with no problems.

What we like about the Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo variable speed pump

This variable speed pool pump from Pentair is compatible with most other pool filters and pool pumps.  You can easily install this model and integrate with an existing pool control system, as well as pool filters, spas, and pool heating systems.

Click here to see the price of the Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo variable-speed pool pump.

Conclusion – Why choose a Variable speed pool pump?

The benefit of a variable speed pool pump is that it reduces the normal running speed of the pool pump to save you money.  Sure they cost a little more in up front costs, but are energy savings in the long run.  Plus the pool water is cleaner and clearer because there is a better filtration result when the flow rate is optimized for the pool filter.  The filter system can remove the dirt and finer particles from the pool water when the flow rate is lower, and the chlorinator will operate better to keep the pool cleaner.  The normal running speed is much lower and the noise is much reduced.  We recommend a variable speed pool pump is the best way to go! Protection Status

Why you need the best robotic pool cleaner for your swimming pool

best Robotic Pool Cleaner

best robotic pool cleaner

The best thing about summer is spending some time around the swimming pool with friends and family.  Sure a swimming pool needs to be maintained frequently to keep it looking the best, but it is worth the trouble when you consider how much fun your family can have playing in the water.

Pool maintenance can be made easier

That’s right, with some of the pool cleaner technology available on the market right now; there is no need to make the task of cleaning the pool too onerous.  With the best robotic pool cleaner you can leave all of the hard work to the robot, while you relax and enjoy time with the family.

Have fun in the Pool instead of working on the pool

In fact, here at PoolCleanerMag our mission is to show you how to have fun IN the pool, rather than working ON the pool all day long!  There is no need to rely on labor intensive methods to keep your pool clean and to keep the water sparkling and fresh.

The best robotic pool cleaner is more efficient

In fact, the best way is to have the best robotic pool cleaner do the job because the robot is more efficient.  Because the modern robotic pool cleaner can navigate by itself around the pool, and remember where it has been, there is no need for the robot to retrace its steps.  This means you can save energy and time because the robotic cleaner is faster and more efficient.

Dive in and have more fun time!

This means there is more time to have fun in the swimming pool, and less time spent working.  When you think about it, that it is the whole purpose of having a swimming pool in the first place.  At the end of the day, it becomes a choice about lifestyle – did you imagine having a swimming pool so that your kids could have fun, and did you intend to share your special time with them having fun also?  Trust me, kids much prefer to spend time with you when you are fun to be around, not when you are rushing around trying to complete all the chores.

best robotic pool cleaner Having fun with your kids is time well spent!

Time with kids is a precious thing, because they grow up quickly, and you can’t get that opportunity back.  So make the most of the available time now, rather than being the absent parent who is always too busy to have fun.

How to share fun times with your kids

For most kids, there is no need to make fun in the swimming pool – they will find a way!  No matter whether they are at the beach or the lake, or a secret swimming hole, kids will find a way to have fun with water.  So if you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your backyard, you and your kids should find this an excellent way to keep cool on hot summer days.

Everyone loves fun pool activities for kids

Without a doubt, a swimming pool is a ton of fun for the whole family.  It is good for keeping active and a great way of sharing fun time together.  All kids love to play in the water, and most of the fun involves swimming and water play.  Kids just love it, and so should the adults!

Swimming Pool activities are great for developing confidence in the water

Swimming pools are great value to keep the kids busy and entertained, without the need for external entertainment.  There are hundreds of great fun pool ideas for kids to keep them physically active whilst in the pool.  The best pool activities actually encourage kids to develop their water skills, at the same time as developing confidence in the water.

Fun pool ideas for kids

Kids will create their own fun with the most simple of pool toys, such as noodles, diving toys, as well as the humble blow up beach ball.  These days, there are many ways to stimulate kids to play in the water for longer.  You can buy a wide range of fun toys, such as water slides, ball games, and all sorts of fun pool ideas for kids.

Back to the question of pool cleaning

best robotic pool cleaner So the real question at this point is – why have a swimming pool, and what will you choose as the best pool cleaner?  Here at Pool Cleaner Mag, we have compared the best robotic pool cleaner against the old style pool vacuum cleaner.

There is no doubt that a robotic pool cleaner is an efficient and labor saving method of keeping your swimming pool looking great.  Just a short run time is all that is needed for a robotic pool cleaner to scour the walls and floor of the pool, as well as power filter the water through the on board filtration system.  All you need to do is empty the filter to remove leaves, twigs and debris that is removed from the pool water.

Check out the range of robotic pool cleaners available on the market!


Controlling Moisture and Humidity in Indoor Pools

Dehumidifier system

Dehumidifier system

Indoor swimming pools are a nice addition to any home, hotel or apartment complex. However, as relaxing as it may be to have access to a heated indoor pool, they require a delicate balance in order to prevent moisture build up from developing and damaging the surrounding area.

The high humidity which is usually present in an indoor pool environment can result in more than water running down interior windows. That moisture can destroy the building structure with rot, create health problems with mold and mildew and create an uncomfortable environment.

The aspects that affect the moisture levels inside the average indoor pool include:

1.  The Building Envelope

The ‘structure’ or ‘room’ that contains the pool is a key component. The way in which it is constructed will have a huge impact on the environment of the pool.

Construction materials, the use of a vapor barrier, windows and foundation can all play a part in the lifespan of the indoor pool.

2.  The Ventilation

As indoor pools create high humidity levels, being able to move the moist air out and away from the pool area is important. Air supply ducting and venting should operate in such a way that windows do not collect condensation. The air quality also impacts the pool users.

There are automatic humidity control solutions available that can activate air ventilation and extraction systems depending on the amount of humidity in the air. For more information on automatic humidity control systems, click here.

3.  The Dehumidification

For effective control of humidity in the air inside the indoor pool room a dehumidifier is often required. A properly functioning dehumidifier unit would be able to keep the relative humidity at a level between 50 and 60 percent. Heating and cooling of the air can also assist with this process.

The Problem With Evaporation

Think of the indoor pool and the room it is in as a large sealed box. Water that gets splashed out of the pool from swimming, horseplay and even through wave action created by swimmers can end up on the tile surface outside of the pool. In addition to this, the heat in the room causes it to evaporate.

A surprisingly large amount of water can evaporate from a large indoor swimming pool during the course of an average day. This water vapor has to go somewhere and without the proper elements in place it adds to the humidity in the sealed box. This humidity can become dangerous.

High Humidity

High humidity creates problems in any setting but when it is in an indoor swimming pool, the dangers are greater. Mold, rot and corrosion develop over time. These things will eat away at the pool structure, the building structure and create air quality issues that are bad for human health.

When chlorine is added to the mix, the resulting damage can take place even faster as chlorine is an aggressive chemical. When chlorine condensates it can eat away at any kind of building material ranging from walls and ceilings to the tile decks and even the pool itself.

With dehumidification measures in place, and functioning properly, the moisture content in the air is kept at a safe level. With correct humidity levels in an indoor pool building, it creates a safe environment for the structure and good air quality for those enjoying the pool facility.

Keep Your Indoor Pool Safe From Damage

Because indoor pools are costly to maintain and operate, it is important to keep them functioning properly. The best way to do this is to ensure that the building that houses the pool is built correctly. And you need to keep the building neat and clean, using these house cleaning tips.  The building materials should be able to withstand the higher humidity levels.

Vapor barriers must be present to protect the building structure beyond the walls. Ventilation should be in place to provide a correct and ongoing exchange of warm and cool air. The warm humid air should be removed with cooler outdoor air filtering back into the pool building.

A dehumidification system should also be included in any indoor swimming pool setting. This will control the amount of moisture present in the air reducing the risk of condensation.

Controlling the moisture levels in an indoor pool area can be tricky, but needs to be addressed to protect your property from expensive damage. By staying on top of excessive moisture in your indoor pool area, you will be able to enjoy it year-round.


Click here to see our Best Pool Cleaner Reviews. Protection Status


Best Pool Cleaner myths and legends

Best Pool Cleaner

Paul the pool man –

Best Pool Cleaner
Paul the Pool Cleaner – Image courtesy of vectorolie at FreeDigitalPhotos

Best pool cleaner legend

If you need a little expert advice and assistance, it is always a good idea to call in an expert, like “Paul the pool man”.  There is nothing quite like some expert advice about how to manage your swimming pool, and once you learn some of the professional tricks, it can make your life easier.  If you can’t get a professional to visit your pool, you can conduct your own water quality test, and take the results to your local pool shop for an expert analysis of the water quality results.


Best Pool Cleaner Myths:


Myth #1:  You need to run your pool cleaner for 6 hours every day

This is not true when your pool cleaning system is operating correctly.  Certainly if one or more of the components of your pool is not operating properly, then it may require longer filtration times, or some other remedy.  If the chemical balance not correct, or if the chlorinator is not delivering the right amount of chlorine, then the pool may not appear to be as clear and clean as normal.  However, it is best to conduct a water quality test to get to the bottom of the problem, rather than simply running the pool filter endlessly to try to keep the pool clean and clear.


Myth #2: You need to add more chlorine after heavy use

This is also not true.  Sometimes your pool may seem to suffer from periods of heavy use, but this can usually be remedied after the next filtration cycle.  The best way is to check the chemical composition before adding any additional chemicals.  If you are running a salt water pool, then perhaps the chlorinator needs a little extra run time to increase the normal chlorine level, and a little extra filtration time won’t hurt.  But if the problem persists for any undue length of time, then it is always prudent to test the water quality before taking any other drastic action.


Myth #3: You need to run your pool cleaner more often to stop it going green

Sometimes when the weather warms up, a build up of waterborne algae can threaten to over come your pool’s natural blue color and turn the whole lot green.  Although this is not overly serious, it can be a real pain to fix, and put a real dampener on any swimming activity.  In fact, I know I wouldn’t want to go for a swim in green sludge, and take particular care not to fall in accidentally when trying to fix the problem!

Doesn’t matter how long you run the filter in this situation, it won’t fix it.  The problem is an imbalance in the chlorine level, which has allowed the algae to take over, and once this happens, it is generally an out of control chain reaction.  The only way to restore the balance is to aggressively add chlorine and algicide under professional guidance, until the algae problem is fixed.  Then there are a few tricks of the trade to remove particulates from the water, and to use clarifier to get the water back to crystal clear.  Ask for help, you are not the first person to experience this embarrassing problem!  The experts can get you back up and running in no time.


Myth #4: A robotic pool cleaner is too expensive to run

This is not true.  A robotic pool cleaner does cost a little more to buy, but can actually save money in the longer term.  A robotic pool cleaner requires its own power supply and therefore it is true that it increases the energy usage a little.  But that is where the extra costs stop, and the savings start.

Because a robotic pool cleaner collects 90% of all the debris, sand and silt from the bottom of the pool, the normal pool filter will collect far less debris and therefore will not require as much cleaning or backwashing.  This is a huge saving in terms of water and chemicals that do not get wasted during the backwashing process.

Not only that, because the pool is cleaner than ever before, the normal pool pump and filter are not required to be run for as long as before.  In fact, the running time for the pool pump and filter can be reduced by more than half, which is a huge savings, and more than makes up for the extra power usage of the robotic pool cleaner.  Just consider how much you will save by extending the life of the chlorinator unit that no longer has to run for unnecessary hours each day.

A robotic pool cleaner can save pool operating costs from several angles, and the best one is that your pool will look crystal clear, and much more inviting which means there will be a lot more swimming and a lot less pool cleaning required!


Myth #5: You need a professional pool cleaner every week

Well, you certainly need to clean the pool more than once per week, but you don’t need to employ the services of a professional pool cleaner once per week.  Simply scrape off any leaves or debris that have settled into the pool, and make sure that the pool cleaner is working on a timer each day, and that is enough!  Buy the best leaf blower that you can afford and keep all the fallen leaves well away from the edge of the pool.  A regular clean up with a leaf blower – vacuum will stop the fallen leaves from blowing back into the pool area and reduce the amount of debris that gets into the pool.  Better still, it is also recommended that you buy the best pressure washer and jet blast the pavers and pool surrounds for that extra special clean.


Myth #6: You need to test the chemical water quality every week

This is not necessarily true.  Sure, if you have had problems getting the right chemical balance in your pool, and in particular to get the pH balance just right, then you would need to test the water quality regularly, to make sure it has stabilized.  But once you get more confidence with the operation of your pool, and once the pool filtration timing is sorted out, then you shouldn’t need to over test the water quality.  Unless something goes wrong!

The classic problems are the pH balance, which can have you adding acid to the pool water at intervals to try to keep everything in order.  The other important factor is the chlorine level, which can be a bit tricky.  Too much chlorine and everyone complains about sore eyes and strong chlorine smell after being in the pool.  The other end of the spectrum can be when there is not enough chlorine in the water, and there is a risk of growing an algae farm.  Always check that the chlorinator is working efficiently, and maybe increase the running time of the pool pump to allow for a little extra chlorine if necessary.

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Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS robotic pool cleaner - best pool cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner is the upmarket version of the basic Nautilus model.  The Dolphin Nautilus has long been a favourite choice for best robotic pool cleaner, and now it has been upgraded with even better features.  The most obvious additional feature is the latest technology “Clever Clean” which includes a larger capacity filter which is guaranteed to clean the smallest particles as well as the larger debris from the bottom of the pool.


The Nautilus has its own filtration system

The Nautilus PLUS CleverClean consists of that latest filtration technology, which has been specially designed into the top of the robot pool cleaner body.  The filter consists of two stages, to filter out the larger debris, and the second stage to remove the finer particulate matter, which adds the sparkling touch to the pool water quality.  Better still, the filter is easily accessed from the top of the pool cleaner which means you can easily access the filter cartridges which makes pool cleaning as simple as possible.

Vacuums, pumps and scrubs the pool clean

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean Best Pool Cleaner

The Nautilus PLUS comes with a new and improved PVC bristle scrubber which performs a thorough pool clean over every possible surface, and at the same time, enables the robotic pool cleaner to clime the pool walls, and to allow sufficient time at the waterline to make sure the whole pool is cleaned effectively and thoroughly.

Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean can scan your pool

The Nautilus Plus with CleverClean technology is high tech device with on board software that can actually perform a scan of the underwater features of the geometry of your individual swimming pool.  This makes sure that you get the best pool cleaning system, regardless of how large or small the swimming pool.  Just like a robotic carpet cleaner with a memory, the Nautilus Dolphin PLUS will navigate itself around the flor, walls and waterline of the pool to clean, vacuum and scrub every single surface.  Once the Nautilus has learnt the geometry of your swimming pool, it will decide on the most efficient way to keep the pool clean and crystal clear.

Independent pool cleaning system

The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS is a clever cleaning system that does not place an extra burden on the main pool pump and filter.  Because the robotic pool cleaner does most of the pool cleaning work, you will come to realise big energy savings, because you won’t need to run the pool filtration system as much.  Better still you won’t have to backwash the sand filter either, so there is a potential saving of water bills and pool chemicals also!


The latest features of the Dolphin Nautilus PLUS:

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS robotic pool cleaner - best pool cleaner

Weekly timer function

The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS allows the timer to be set for whatever pool cleaning settings you need through the week, and will memorise the length of pool cleaning time, as well the which days to run the pool cleaning cycle.  You have full control over the system, and when the Nautilus PLUS does all the hard work, you may find that pool cleaning time can be reduced to the most energy efficient settings, and the pool will be cleaner than you ever had it before!

Swivel cord

One of the issues with robotic cleaners is the possibility of getting the cord in a tangle when you are not at home, or when you are not watching closely enough.  The Nautilus Dolphin PLUS overcomes this problem with an innovative swivel cord attachment which reduces the twist in the cable, which therefore reduces the likelihood that the whole cable will get wrapped around the machine.

Larger pool cleaning capacity

Dolphin Nautilus PLUS with CleverClean best robotic pool cleaner

The upgraded model Dolphin Nautilus has been designed to handle the larger sized domestic pools, and can even provide a professional pool cleaning service to commercial sized pools.  The manufacturer claims the Nautilus PLUS can handle any pool up to 50 feet in length, which means you get a lot of pool cleaning capability for an affordable price tag.

Improved water circulation

The Dolphin Nautilus operates a high pressure pool pump and filtration system, which is generally much higher capacity than the average pool filter system that is installed in domestic swimming pools.  This high pressure filtration system greatly improves the water circulation in the swimming pool, which can effectively distribute the pool chemicals more evenly, and keep the water quality to the highest standard.

Double action swimming pool cleaner

With the double action of improved pool filtration system and high pressure water circulation, the Nautilus Dolphin PLUS offers you the benefit of a cleaner and clearer swimming pool in no time.  The Nautilus will actually save you money. Save you time, and increase your relaxation and fun time to spend in the swimming pool, instead of working around it.

Click here to buy a Nautilus Dolphin PLUS, and put the fun back into your swimming pool.



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Smartpool SmartKleen Robotic Pool Cleaner

Do you need a little extra help to clean your swimming pool?  Would you like to hire a pool cleaner to look after your swimming pool, but can’t find anyone who can do the job properly?  Do you worry that a pool cleaner will damage the pool liner?  If you have an above ground pool, it can be a problem to use a pool cleaner that does not damage the pool liner.  Well, there is a smarter option to keep your pool cleaner, and that is to buy a Smartpool Robotic Pool Cleaner.

The Smartpool Robotic pool

cleaner won’t damage the poolbest robotic pool cleaner


The latest model SmartKleen Robotic pool cleaner from SmartPool, is a fully automated solution for removing all of the leaves and debris from the bottom of the pool, and restoring the water quality to that sparkling fresh and clean appearance.  The SmartKleen pool cleaner is specially designed for above ground pools, and small in ground pools, and is guaranteed not to damage the pool liner.  The Smartpool design is an ideal pool cleaner where you need to protect the delicate sides of the pool, but you still need to have a pool cleaner.

Smartpool Robotic pool cleaner is powerful

The Smartpool Robotic pool cleaner is a powerful design that uses a direct drive motor to navigate around the entire underwater surface of the pool.  Just because it is designed to protect the pool liner, the SmartKleen provides a thorough pool clean every time.  The SmartKleen direct drive motor provides enough power and traction to clean the floors and walls of the pool without slipping, skidding, or leaving scratches on the pool liner.  The slip free traction means that the Smartpool Robotic pool cleaner never misses a spot, and guarantees to make the pool cleaner than ever before.

The Smartpool built in tracking system

The SmartKleen pool cleaner features an innovative tracking system that maps the entire underwater surface of the pool and optimizes the path around the floor and walls to make the pool cleaner.  The The Smartpool can even change direction to provide extra coverage in those dirty areas to make sure the swimming pool is cleaned properly.

The Smartpool is energy efficient

This energy efficient pool cleaner is designed to shut off after 2 hour, but if you find that the pool cleaner has finished earlier, then it can be switched off to save on those electricity bills.  The Smartpool is lightweight and compact so that it is easy to maneuver around any shaped swimming pool.


The Smartpool NC22 is tough but gentle

The reason we like this robotic pool cleaner is that it has been built tough, and it certainly provides and excellent pool clean, scrub, and vacuum.  However, if you have an above ground pool or a delicate pool liner, then the Smartpool is also gentle as it cleans the pool.  Guaranteed to protect the delicate pool liner and above ground pool, this automated pool cleaner does a great job so that you no longer have to worry about cleaning the pool.


SmartKleen for all pool surfaces

The Smartpool is not just for above ground pools, and it can be the perfect pool cleaner for all types of pool surfaces.  The Smartpool is suitable for vinyl pool liners, fibreglass pools, concrete pools, as well as above ground pools and in ground pools.


Conclusion – The Smartpool robotic pool cleaner

You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently the SmartKleen pool cleaner system can remove all of the debris from the pool, and leave the water clear and sparkling.  Designed to do all of the pool cleaner work for you, there will be more time for you to enjoy swimming in the pool, instead of being the pool cleaner all the time!

Click here to check out the The Smartpool robotic pool cleaner at Amazon.

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Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus robotoc pool cleaner

We love the Dolphin Nautilus as a great choice for the best pool cleaner.  This excellent pool cleaner does not rely on your current pool pump pressure, and will run at maximum efficiency no matter what capacity your existing pool pump is.  For many years, the Dolphin Pool Cleaner has been the most popular and best pool cleaner, loved by many backyard pool owners.


Dolphin Nautilus is Plug and play

best robotic pool cleaner
All it requires is a nearby power supply, unpack it form the box, and place it in the pool.  The Nautilus robotic pool cleaner has been designed to take care of everything for you, and it has even been designed with a swiveling power cord to reduce the tangles.  The Dolphin Pool Cleaner is designed to be fully self reliant!

Once installed in your pool, the Dolphin Nautilus performs a memory scan of the underwater geometry of your pool, including the sides and the waterline so that it can optimize its cleaning functions.  The Nautilus Dolphin pool cleaner and all robotic pool cleaners generally cost a little more to buy.  But the real benefit of the Dolphin nautilus is the gain in efficiency over the longer usage time, when you will come to realize just how effective these pool cleaners are at delivering the best clean pool water.


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Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you live in an area surrounded by trees, you will know how quickly debris can build up in your pool, and how annoying the pool cleaning process can be.  There is always an amazing collection of leaves, bark and sticks to be removed from the bottom of the pool.  Manual cleaning can be areal drag and then the filter has to be cleaned out, and the back washing done to flush out all of the finer silt and sand and debris.  The worst problem is that when you don’t clean the pool regularly, then some of the debris will actually cause staining and permanent discoloration of the bottom of the pool.

The answer is to use a Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner, and you never have to worry about the state of your pool any more!  Simply running the Nautilus for a couple of hours per day means that you always have crystal clear water, and a super clean pool.



Let’s summarize some of the benefits of a Dolphin Nautilus robotic pool cleaner:
best robotic pool cleaner

  • No more manual vacuum cleaning of the pool, which saves an hour per day, and many hours over the course of a normal week
  • The Dolphin Nautilus is fully self contained and actually takes the load right away from your fixed pool pump and filter
  • The filter is built into the pool cleaner, and removes 90 % of the debris from the pool.  All you need to do is empty the micro filtration bag each day, and you will never have a problem.
  • The Dolphin Pool Cleaner has an automatic navigation so that it cleans the whole pool with no assistance required.
  • Takes the load off your normal pool pump and filter, when you use the dolphin pool cleaner
  • Reduces the running time of your normal pool pump and filter
  • Saves energy by reducing the overall amount of filtering and pumping


What are the drawbacks:

  • The Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner can have trouble with larger leaves and sticks that fall into the pool.  Occasionally the scrubbing system will get stuck on large pieces of debris, but this is normal for any pool cleaner, and sometimes it pays to remove any sticks before you put the Nautilus in the water!
  • And sometimes the dolphin pool cleaner may miss particular spots in the pool, but we put this down to a randomised problem, as it generally gets the spot the next day, so overall the pool is always in crystal clear condition.


Get a Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner Today

If you are simply over the pool vacuum and leaf removal routine, then there is a better way to get you pool cleaner than you ever imagined.

With a Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner, you can look like an expert pool cleaner, with crystal clear, sparkling clear water every day, and you will have the time to actually swim in the pool rather than working to keep the pool clean every day.  Your whole family will love the Dolphin Pool Cleaner!


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Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner

best robotic pool cleaner

So what options are there for the best pool cleaner?  If you like the idea of a robotic pool cleaner that can navigate its way around the whole underwater surface of your pool and clean every single surface to a crystal clear condition.  If you want the best robotic pool cleaner, then we have reviewed several of the candidates and brought the latest information into one location here at


Best Robotic pool cleaner

Best Robotic pool cleanerAnd we have found that in terms of cost, efficiency and excellent results, then the Aquabot Classic is one of the best Robotic pool cleaners on the market.  These units are not cheap to purchase up front, but we will show you how you can save money in the longer term but the improved efficiency that these robotic pool cleaners offer for your pool.


Best pool cleaner for all types of pools

No matter whether you have a chlorine pool, or run a salt water system, the Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner will do an excellent job to clean your pool with no impact on your pool pump and filter.  No matter if your pool filter is filled with debris, or if the pool pump pressure is a little lower than normal, the Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner keeps on working at 100% and your pool will always have that sparkling crystal clear appearance.

In fact that is the secret to the best pool cleaner, to be able to take a dip in the cleanest and clearest pool at all times.  You won’t ever need that feeling of having to go and clean the pool before you can get in.  Sound familiar?  Well make that a thing of the past, and get the best pool cleaner before the next summer season comes around.


No need to pay for any additional pool cleaner equipment

The Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner is designed to be the best pool cleaner, with all its extra cleaning features fully integrated into the system.  No need for extra pool pumps and filters, the Aquabot robotic cleaner has a built in high pressure pump and water filter.  Everyone who uses the Aquabot robotic pool cleaner says they have never seen their pool with such crystal clear water.


Best pool cleaner

best robotic pool cleaner

The Aquabot is a very popular choice as the best pool cleaner and has been tried and tested over a number of years.  Some of the earlier models developed some reliability problems which have been ironed out with later models.  Nevertheless, the robotic pool cleaning action has always been top class.  The Aquabot pool cleaner is designed to clean, vacuum and scrub all surfaces of your pool, as well as doling a great job around the waterline area.  The Aquabot Classic Robotic pool cleaner utilises a smart design with an electronic scanning memory that calculates the most efficient way to clean your individual pool shape, and do the very best pool cleaning job.


The Aquabot Classic Saves you time and money

The Aquabot robotic pool cleaner costs a little extra up front, which most people say is money well spend in terms of the extra enjoyment of always swimming in a crystal clear and fresh pool.  However, after a few days of regular use, most people come to realise that they can save money on the running time of both the Aquabot and the main pool filter.  It also saves all that wasteful back washing of the main pool filter, because it was no longer filled with debris that the Aquabot removed instead.  In terms of saving you time, energy, and increasing your enjoyment of your backyard pool, most people have no trouble saving a lot of money over the swimming season.

The Aquabot is a great choice for the best pool cleaner because it comes with a built in high pressure water pump, and super fine water filter, plus micro filtration collection bag.  This on board cleaning system removes 90% of the dirt and debris in the pool, and you don’t have to worry with any extra high pressure pumps or accessories.  In fact your normal pumping system will operate far more efficiently with the big load taken off it.


Cut back on the pump running time

You can drastically cut back on the pump an filter running time when you install the best robotic pool cleaner.  Reducing the electricity usage of pool pumping is the main reason that a robotic pool cleaner can actually save you money.  But there are other benefits.  With reduced hours of running time, this can be especially important to preserve the life of the expensive components such as the salt water chlorinator, which you won’t have to replace so often.  When your chlorinator is working at peak efficiency, your whole pool will look better, smell better, and be more fun to swim in.


That sounds like the best pool cleaner to me!

We highly recommend the Aquabot robotic pool cleaner as the best pool cleaner for your pool.  If you want to read more reviews about this pool cleaner, click to here to go directly to the Amazon page with all the details. Protection Status

Polaris Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

Barracuda G3 best pool cleaner

An excellent choice for best pool cleaner is the Barracuda G3 by Polaris.  This great all round pool cleaner is a vacuum suction cleaner that will work effectively no matter how much suction pressure is provided by the pool pump and filter.

The Barracuda pool cleaner is designed to randomly sweep its way right around the underwater surface of your pool.  The Barracuda is renowned for its effective coverage of the whole pool and how easily it can collect the debris, and remove all algae and discoloration.  The distinctive fins on the cleaning head are very effective to clean all pool surfaces, but are gentle enough so as to no scratch or damage your pool liner.

Here is a summary of the best features of the Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner:

  • A renowned and popular best pool cleaner that is renowned to keep working even when you are too busy to give your pool enough attention
  • Designed to provide a powerful suction and cleaning action that works no matter what the pump pressure
  • Will clean pools even with low pump pressure
  • Very robust design that picks up all manner of debris from the bottom of the pool, from sand, dirt, leaves and even small twigs
  • Works efficiently to cover all underwater pool surfaces, including floor, walls, waterline, steps and shallows
  • Comes with a resilient long life diaphragm that controls the suction head pool cleaner
  • Highly maneuverable cleaning head that cover the entire pool without getting stuck in corners or steps
  • Gentle yet effective scrubbing action that will not damage the pool or the pool liner, and yet provides the best pool cleaner possible


Product Description – Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

Barracuda G3 best pool cleaner

The best feature of the Barracuda G3 by Polaris is it’s great all round ability to provide the best pool clean in almost any pool.  No matter how large or small the pool, or how large or small the pool pump, the Barracuda pool cleaner just quietly goes about its business with little fuss or bother.

The Polaris Barracuda G3 relies on a simple operation with no rotating parts or valves or gears that can cause complications down the track.  The Barracuda pool cleaning system relies on a simple and effective long life diaphragm which is self adjusting and automatically regulates the water flow through the pool filter.  The unique vacuum control diaphragm initiates the distinctive pump action that both moves the cleaner head around the pool, as well as the suction action which cleans and scrubs as it passes around the pool.

Advantages – Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

The Barracuda is a great all rounder, that will effectively provide the best pool cleaning solution for a wide range of backyard pools.  Polaris understand that sometimes the pool pump pressure can be a little lower than normal due to debris collection in the filter, or during peak usage times, when the system is working at its hardest to clean the pool.  No matter what the pump pressure, the Barracuda is specially designed to keep working, because that is when you need it the most!  What good is a pool cleaner that stops working all the time and needs your attention to keep it running?  It is the times when you are busy that you rely on the best pool cleaner – right?


The Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner is easy to use

The Polaris Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner is easy to install with your existing pool filter system, by simply attaching the extension hoses through the collection box.  Simply set and forget, the Barracuda will go straight to work, and plug away for a couple of hours until the pool clean is all done.

Barracuda pool cleaner diaphragm

Even better, the Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner comes with a spare diaphragm, which is at the working heart of this best selling pool cleaner.  The diaphragm is responsible for sucking the water through the vacuum head, and causing the pulsating motion that scrubs the floor and walls of the whole pool.

The Verdict – Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner

Needless to say, using a Polaris Barracuda G3 Pool Cleaner is way better than trying to clean the pool manually every day, and you will be amazed at what a great job is does at keeping the water clear and clean.  The Barracuda acts to circulate the water which keeps the chemicals spread evenly around the pool, and reduces the annual cost of chemical additives.  By using the Barracuda on a daily usage cycle, the pool will always be kept in an excellent clean state, which means you won’t have to run the pool pump and filter for as many hours in the day.  This is another example of the energy savings from using the Polaris Barracuda G3 which is high on out list as the best pool cleaner for your money!


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